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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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ar >> r aorte thecono addt b?terhan xpec rdteheno ad d 3,00 b nonrrmn jsn ecseptber. t if you disunt 00 theon j retn ptr. 45,0 ifouisorket aerhe tet enof 5,eriz'strikke a i ts rient in linithiz wtalik ireets eecte riin in theh pre wdent picie set e te haveimpl herentail pie t veplddre the pssinlrobls of tre jobe an pinurblsrowi feralf ob ficianwi. fal sie th predent asci tak. sith rent offi, weaveostak fiweet 8 miionriva secr bs. >>eporr: v e prmiidenn vaec bin a.nowlged ursd he >>or v prandenhe p side coubi ben aeasywld sde picngsor d whover phedeoue publan p tysy eveicuallsho r minas. >> s ongbl p enoh teatve bllh of u na sg signicanno maj tityft the b ofamer uan pple lievthat th couny is ngnan movajgynhe eer pe evightat th dunectiis. n ov at i ner a goo lace toht d ti be gng i i n aoo relecon. ce oethe is youault or g iot ur flt. rec. it'shelmos i somouimesltr frele.nt. 'sos >> romortees bute qckly ad dle.icto is n rte theut qly ghts ad >>o yotorevas? he >> ihinke w .
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ts >> epor>>r: fyo nowva howe r, t pre dent isnk w focud on reva>>ing or h fow jowe bil trent thgh i tur ocuonvag one h anjodoteile tol ath iurhurs oy's ne ne conrencabou aante ol aidofteaceverasrs nots necompontelync accouate. a i h ofacerhancoot mt mplycc e. youn h mncamed m rert un med rt rrous, a elish teaer in bosn. wh cam ou ao t esh whiea ouseinos few eks e la f t yeahi hseas w s receed tee la pin fea sli ce tbecae ofudgein whyouldt e caofgeant to pas c ll thayld putst soebodlikeas rort bk i thalassomsut tehing surod kidke ro b>> r iorte tostosss haldte ng repoids th teaer did et rte to ree hnkdlips he potheaid crent e ps eloyee while cnt the tea er eye aende il rosearde eveheastonthea heid a notde actlly eethe sede ve i tnk hhe was tots cloctyt the resi nt aest.ou are o t me h. as t yolo kw, the heresisint a knore me yo k hihesinotory >>epor r: thi teaer hiryelf,old >>or "bo ton heread" inis vie thiresif,nt wd raboing er inie rhe trica queionsi w and erag sritf wha thecaue n esidt sa d as srue.tha t
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>> bt: e gat job idsa re o bhe. stoes wh the b e g pal.ob th fed al bget def oit i bto wh he precteto hit apa nea ecorthed btef i .3 tprlliotein tit j atea or mpled fial yea tat'sio a tordi t j he lefiea npar'ssan adiongr tsion budg offe. ar n gr$1.4onrilln rordas dgff regieredn th eces on.4ll r d anwalltree giedth bl-est anllfee 2009. b stks we do csed the weekown. 09 drped pnts,st whedo dow cdhe di ek thn.s&pdrd ps,&pow s&p00di gethp 9ack. &p naaq cse 27 g bind. 9 afr dsk.f na mouing c qu7tion bboutd. afhat d aorne ougenegl eriquon holutr kwt whene k awne it boutneri ol erat kn fa and fious en k t theutatio top catfand has ce fus ou eioop fing cas c. ou coespoent llia la jness fhasg detls copot ia jsss weant tet tru. want awers weeantt truhose ranpons ale trs be hwedt >> r rortens the theri f h te ariunnae. couiesoday rte he echori cal te friousay hoal a scial f cocil invtiga torn genal ec hoer. s al callg onhecol nvga rep atio as rnen eho . the meri top ll copon damed epio sd hi connued
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eriop ldersopp aam daer. hi >>hat oney dedas lrs a diracel. what theda. >>t did d dice w atheid betying w enrcemt oicers o w the itedtate of ameetcang enem espe oallyerhose on azona e edte f age terme ied pelyse anan a cau geer and ad figor you >>d eporr: tay, ige onlou nd u. dea lind to ft nd >>or t, furis isnlhatfordeu.eainto f agt brn ovdeime, pic agearbr me t. wi dov.e, p th sherffs say m holr harewi d ththehesayolrelame eme >> eryime tres a shoong o crim ee tommi aed onoo oim amicanoil,he fstmi qutionhoulbondy,nam ganl, f arthes thequonulnd gunhat g ericgavehe cri nalsares he >> rorte latun tayt iclderveelead thri letlsr t r tecongatss t wring ereathet "i t havng nori colltionf kning out st aiav f niousr llonknfg t hea a its merior to f tus plic f coroveeay abt s itoro t veab offeypiclyt recves .er 1 pffesfic so-lled ec seklyepor tha 1hile p dreso-d toedectuay a ly or provhaed tndleevie d by esto ua amembs ofy
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en cefflic tre thunitth stas suld cic ways thit rtaain sdilit y ys prem ryno det wld-bit gresrs a to em dyenduret w-b alli andes ao d odselv. >> rliortend penylvaa setor ck storu osaidlv. the naonal nd e rnomite senuritvay se r sstarru witidthehe famymen andnaal e mi s britght s own on artageit ase anamennd exple.brt ow nstinhimsf asge tsn racs stexe. consten sial inmsas t acnsertive >> d 't y wana ponsideen sl coortae in the er shove? d y antalkag ab pt thdecotainhessueho i he nevlkab pth socl isssue d va e i huesnev t p bacoc ss buer. va is n>> r torte hacsepeak newtbu. ginich nd r herten hain akunde out ewtfteroninh erspears.n >>e ha a det ereverefic ncy ea. >> lhadersper cris inicy lrshisri n couny. >> rorte romsy waalso atcked odayor bun mmon. rte itom camwasorom aatedexasay b ptor mn. it roamrtmeffe who has bot pr endo edro per afeho hntrocedot him sdoakiner aodayrod ba i 200m t sinastoay crbaiciz00 tormotosm ascriz a mo cult he oosedhe rney campgn. day,ltasto
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6:19 pm
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6:23 pm
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6:26 pm
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6:27 pm
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6:28 pm
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6:29 pm
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6:30 pm
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:50 pm
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6:51 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:54 pm
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6:55 pm
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6:56 pm
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6:57 pm
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6:58 pm
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6:59 pm
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